It is our pleasure to offer you our services and to give you the professional advice that will ensure that we capture your special moment and turn it into a memory that will last many lifetimes to come.

Based in York, Pennsylvania, 31 Stars Photography is truly a dream in the making for one local photographer.

In his own words, Billy describes why he takes pictures: "Growing up, I was the kid that hid from the camera. I refused to have my picture taken. I regret this every day since I lost my grandfather in 1998. He was my best friend and I have no pictures of us together. This is what drives me to help capture moments in your life that you never want to forget."

With his emotions driving him, Billy's passion for photography grew while he was still in high school at Red Lion Area Senior High. He would use a disposable camera to photograph his friends while skateboarding and BMX riding. His love for photography quickly grew when he saw the reaction people had to seeing a photograph that captured a moment, a moment they thought would only one day be a faint memory. Billy purchased his first DSLR professional camera in 2003 and he has not stopped taking pictures since. Wanting to turn his passion into a career, he began taking photography classes at York College of Pennsylvania. It was there that he broadened his knowledge of photography techniques and skills.

Billy realized that he had the skills to capture life's most precious moments, and in 2006 he started 31 Stars Photography. Since opening up his own services, Billy has worked for such photography companies as General Photographic Resources and The Picture People. Through his positions at these companies, he was able to learn the ins and outs of running a photography business. In January of 2011, Billy opened his very own photography studio in West York, Pennsylvania.

Billy uses both his artistic eye and passion for photography to create memorable portraits for you. He specializes in a wide range of photography, including wedding photography, portrait photography, sports photography, and landscape photography.

"It's more than just a's a memory"